5 ways to boost lung health and capacity amid coronavirus pandemic

Dear/Hello  Friends ,

We can Say this year is bounded with natural disasters . COVID-19 is one of the major Virus in 2020.

 Some Facts related to COVID-19.

Lets Have a Look Figure of Cases in India. 

 And If We talk about World Wide  then below were the figure of Cases till 23-070-2020 at 10 am.

How Covid-19 Spread : -
    This Virus spread human to Human. If any Person who is infected with this and met with some then 
    Probably met person get affected with Virus. This Virus infected the people who has less immunity 

    power . Virus gets more effected that kind people  . 

Boost Your lung Capacity with Below Step.

  1 - Stop Smoking 

  2 - Exercise Early Morning Every Day 

  3 - Do Yoga On Daily Basis

  4 - Use Green Vegetable In Meal

  5 - Include Fruits in Meal on daily basis.

How to be Safe:- 

 1 - Follow Social Distancing

 2 - Avoid unnecessary outing 

 3 - Wear Face mask

 4 - Keeping Washing your hand with soap 

 5 - Sanitize your Hand Regularly     

 6 - Prefer Online Shopping

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